Activating FileToPDF

Obtain the FileToPDF Serial Number

Create a windows BATCH file with the following command lines

filetopdf.exe /serial

Run the batch file
The serial number will be displayed to you in a command window
Make a note of the serial number

Generating Activation Keys

Login to your website account
Click "Keys" on the left hand side of the page
In the keys table, in the serial number column, click the "Enter Serial Number" link
Paste the serial number obtained into the "Serial Number" box provided
Enter your name into the box provided (optional)
Enter comments into the box provided (optional)
Click the "Activate" BUTTON 
Your activation key(s) will be generated and entered into the Keys table
On the right hand side of the table, click the > symbol to expand the line to show the keys.
Keys can be copied by highlighting them and copying them using the mouse right click option or CTRL-C on the keyboard
The key(s) should then be applied to the FileToPDF software

Applying Keys

Activate the software by editing the file Settings.xml in the FileToPDF folder and setting the text field


to the activation key provided by the web site. The screenshot below shows an example file, the key in our example is AWBFUNDGX6