Barcode Recognition

  • Introduction

  • 1. Multi-pass

  • 2. Description

  • 3. Type

  • 6. Error check

  • 7. Allow missing start/stop markers (e.g. 3 of 9)

  • 8. Barcodes to read

  • 9. Direction

  • 10. Positioning on page

  • 11. Recognition timeout

  • 12. On time-out proceed with


Regex Capture Button

Enables the entry of Regular Expressions to capture barcodes into ScanToPDF variables. These variables can be used to name files (using the Automatic File Namer plugin), separate batches (using the Batch Separation plugin) or exported to external data files (using the Data Exporter plugin)

Please read our PDF guide to learn more about Regex Capture

Advanced Button

Enables the setting of image pre-processing options to enhance barcode recognition on pages with image quality issues. These options should only be used under the guidance of OiC support staff as they do have an effect on recognition speed. Please contact OiC support for further information.

Free Mode Slider

The barcode recognition plugin can be used for batch separation using a NEWDOC separator page, without requiring activation. To use this feature set the "Free mode" SLIDER to the ON position.

In FREE mode the barcode plugin will only recognise a single Code39 barcode on a page and is only suitable for batch separation and NOT file naming using barcodes.